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The Nostradamus Edition

As we wrap up another record year for eCommerce in 2018, the eCom Guys, Gregg Shupe and Jonathan Laverentz are donning their best prognostication hats and sharing their predictions...

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The Cyber5 Roundup 2018

The preliminary results are coming in and these two eCom experts couldn’t ’resist the opportunity to share a historic moment, well two in this case.  Rounding up the past...

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High(er) Five! Last Minute Cyber5 Tips

Did you happen to notice the sales results coming out of Singles Day this year?  The insanely ginormous Alibaba posted almost $31B in GMV over the course of the...

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The Price is Right, Right?

Is the price right? How you price your products reflects your commitment to your consumer, and at a higher level can lead to the perception of a brand. So,...

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Gregg Shupe

Resident innovator

Almost always right (annoyingly so…) Outside the box-er…
Makes eCommerce things happen that most of us dream about.